3 Ways That Premade Disaster Survival Kits Can Endanger Your Life

Preparedness and disaster survival are becoming more important each day. But most people do not feel any pressure.

Unprepared With Awful Quality Supplies

They also estimate that 37% are living with no emergency supplies. Now here is the kicker. FEMA in 2010 declared 81 calamities in the US.
So it's safe to say that in nearly 80 calamities, about half the folks didn't have emergency survival kit or a plan.

Also to add insult to injury, even though we wished to prepare, most of the preparedness supplies are trash.

Cheap Survival Kit = A Danger To Your Life

These affordable crisis survival kits lull people into thinking that they're prepared. Look, you are not living in a TV show. Good grief, it is a disaster situation. You are going to be in a hostile environment.
At a time like this, do you really want a false sense of security? Can you envision only the instant you need emergency supplies, they break down for you.

So what I want to do is share with you a few solid and quite real reasons why a pre-made kit is a dangerous thought. Afterward I'll finish up by presenting one to the thought of earning your own personal kit. So let's get started.

Let's begin with food. The food in the kit is not enough to keep one individual hydrated or fed for a single day. Caloric consumption and food storage in the kit is crucial. The common indivdual needs nearly 2500 calories per day. Just a simple 3600 calorie bar would be enough. However there are emergency disaster kits which have 800 calories per individual daily. It is laughable.
Another example is the water. So why do some kits only include 8 ounces of water in their kit?

Thus how can you beat these shortcomings? Begin building your own kit with your own protein bars. Spend only a little money on a LifeStraw so you can drink water from streams, lakes and puddles for days and weeks. Then forget the 8 oz tote that would endure for just 5 minutes.

It makes no sense. So let's go onto risk #2.

If you do buy a pre- ask yourself these questions.
Is it true that the items inside appear flimsy and cheap?

Like it is not sewn together does it look?
When the package arrives, are there broken things in the carton?
Does the quality simply flat out look affordable?
Some survival kits have a tiny radio that looks more like a plaything. Others might add a multitool. Either way, all these are consistently the ones that are least expensive. I've heard of people who have had tools like a wire cutter fall apart throughout their 1st use. Other economical survival kit tools have included flimsy ponchos and blankets or whistles.

The possible lack of quality control in these types of things is astonishing. Let us face it. With affordable contents like this, you can't take these kits . But here's a thing that's even more bothersome.

Danger#3: Did You Get Everything You Purchased?

There's a reason why the cheaply made crisis house kits are not worth their salt. They possess the contents that are wrong, or the things purchased don't even exist. Some people have discovered their kit with food and water. But the survival blanket that was supposed to be in the kit was not there. In other instances, items that are completely distinct were in the kit. What was shipped did not match what was in the advertising.
The Choice: Construct Your Own Kits

Making your own kit does not begin with equipment. It begins with you. And by taking time to understand what is in your kit, you'll be helping yourself down the road.
One way to get started is to begin with a small kit that is specialized. As an example, a medical kit that is miniature might be a great starting point for you.

Then each week, pick another component and build a kit for it. Smaller kits can be specialized for only one purpose. And then you simply carry these little kits about in your bug out bag.

Then check the GearPods out if you are searching for something to put your kit contents in. A Gear Pod is a see with caps on it.

In order to see the contents gear Pods are light and transparent. And they can be relatively affordable. Plus, if you wish to extend a Gear Pod, you can simply screw one onto the finish of the other and you're prepared to go.

Kit Contents: At Your Neighborhood Shops

Take a gander in the contents that are generally in these survival kits. You'll find precisely the same stuff in the stores you see more info each day. Not just that, but many survival kit reviewers imply that it's a clearer idea to make your own.
In the end when it comes down to it... making your own survival kit makes a great deal of sense. Undependable contents are avoided by you, you can upgrade your kit and you gain the assurance your kit.

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